Princess Marietta’s Wedding



From Novel Updates: “The youngest princess of the country of Stellaus, Marietta, was betrothed in a political marriage to the General of the great militant country, Oltaire. General Belvant was often said to be strong, a fierce and terrifying god of a warrior. On the other hand, Marietta was a delicate flower of a princess. Everyone felt pity for poor Marietta’s situation, however, the truth was that Marietta found the General very dreamy… The story of a 30-year old General with a scary face (who was actually quite nice), and the tiny and adorable 18-year old Princess in their times of conflict and of lovey-doveyness.”

This one comes from Syosetsu’s Moonlight section, which, if you’re not familiar with the name, is the for-women, +18 section of the site. I personally think the “for-women” restriction is completely unnecessary however. Watching Marietta get all flustered and love struck is a joy no matter who you are.

Originally translated by Solistia and edited by “Sam (of Xant and Minions)”, the first four chapters will redirect you to their translation. I have them backed up with proper credits though, so let me know if the urls die.

PS: Through valiant sacrifice, it has become known that reading this story with a straight face is nearly impossible. Please tread carefully. RIP Chronos5884’s face masks…


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